Zero Sum

Poem broadcast on 27 November 2010 on The World Today on BBC World Service.

We play game
of zero sum
in endless hoop,
with saboteurs,
from puppet group
of reckless neighbour
rattling sabre.

We play game
of zero sum,
but Dear Leader
has decreed
on factory visit
to Bong Yong Gong
that once a year
we are allowed
point zero one
degree of fun.

We play game
of zero sum,
our life is null,
our land is void,
we live in cloud,
forgive us if
from time to time
we get annoyed.

We play game
of zero sum,
so billion troops
will promptly strike
if muppets dare
to infiltrate
inviolable borders,
by a thousandth
Be precise,
no give or take.
Don't make mistake.

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