Poem broadcast on 11 December 2010 on The World Today on BBC World Service.

There is the geek.

Here is the leak.

There is the finger
and here is the lip.

There is the quip
that was not left unsaid.

Here is the fact
that was best left undead.

There's the critique
that was not left unread.

Here is the peek
and there is a sneak.

Here is the sheikh
and there is the snake
and here is the head
and there is the knife.

Here is the fork
and there is the tongue.

Here is the nose
and there is the tweak.

Here is the shriek.

There is the flak
and here is the jacket
and there is the backer
and here is the hacker
and there is the plaque.

Here are the ones
who grandly designed.

There is the one
who speaks their mind.

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