Prozac Affects Sealife, Says Report

7 July 2010: "Antidepressants affecting behaviour of sealife" - The Times

Prozac Affects Sealife, Says Report
So what, retort shrimps
Who gave you this number, asks report
Never mind, say shrimps
How can I help, asks report
We lack self-esteem, say shrimps
So what, retorts report
Tell us about Prozac, say shrimps
It makes you swim towards sunlight, says report
We need a holiday, say shrimps
You'll be easy prey, says report
We'll die happy, say shrimps
It upsets the ecosystem, snorts report
Where is Prozac, ask shrimps
By the coast, says report
We're on our way, say shrimps. Have a nice day.

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