Profiling A Killer

They profiled the killer
from a half eaten apple
found at the scene.

An eater of fruit
especially apples;
easily tempted,
easily bored.

The angle of his teeth
forensically spoke
of average height,
above average IQ.
His bite was forthright,
compensation they thought
for early abuse.

They traced the apple
to its original tree
and rebuilt it on screen
green and unbitten
and turned it around
three sixty degrees
and virtually sliced it.
Though not to the core.

Working from his saliva
they re-enacted his life,
those bingo nights,
those trips to the sea.
The budget was tight,
a low cost production
in black and white.
No lighting or sound.

After some years
they called in a mystic
who called in a psychic
who advised
this hadn't been murder

it was suicide.

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